Red Angus cattle at Shaw Cherry Hill Farm

Fields and cattle at Shaw Cherry Hill Farm

Mosher Barn History

On May 31, 1770, James Mosher bought land at Mosher Corner and during the next fifty years he and his sons Nathaniel, James, Benjamin and Daniel purchased land and created four adjoining farms with an area of about 600 acres. The barns were built in 1798 by Nathaniel, 1808 by James, 1810 by Benjamin and Daniel at Mosher Corner. Receipts verify this date showing lumber, gravel, well in the barn and a probable raising in September 1810 with “rum and biscuits.” It is speculated that by 1820 there were nine children and four adults in the home and Daniel and his wife Octavia with three young children and seven more to come, wanted a home of their own and Daniel built the farmstead across the street.

This restored barn, originally built by Daniel (at 551 Main Street) was framed differently than the barn of 1810. The 1810 barn at 424 Mosher had 8” by 8” hand hewn rafters ten feet apart. This ~1820 barn has 3” by 8” sawn rafters about three feet apart and has more 45-degree wind braces in the walls.

The ~1820 barn is the only one of the four original barns that have survived thanks to the Shaw Brothers Foundation. The timber frame structure of this barn was donated by Walter Stinson & Family. Located at 551 Maine Street, disassembled in 2021, restored and re-erected in 2022.

—Abbott Mosher

Framing of the reconstructed Mosher barn

Reconstruction of the Mosher barn, which is now used for storage on the main level and with a second level finished for use by the Gorham Historical Society.

The original Mosher barn at Mosher Corner

Shaw Cherry Hill Farm Ownership History

1730 – Tyng land grant

1924 – C S H Co (Rines) to J Murray West

193? – J Murray West to Bank

1938 – Bank to Whipple

Herb Shaw lease expired 5/1/1946

1946 – Whipple to Grondin

1970 – Grondin to H Ginn

1976 – Herbert E. Ginn to Adah P. Ginn

1979 – Ginn to Greater Portland Building Fund

1987 – Greater Portland Building Fund to Ross Grant

1989 – Ross Grant Partnership to RWS (Ecomaine)

2016 – Ecomaine to Shaw